Keep it Moving


Keeping your back moving stops the working parts from seizing up. It may hurt a bit at first, but it does not do any damage - hurt is not the same as harm. It's worth working through the initial discomfort - because you will get back to normal that much quicker.


You don't have to do special exercises. Simply continue to do your ordinary activities as normally as possible. Being fit and active will help you get better faster and prevent more back trouble later.


Strike a Balance


Of course you may need to take it a little easier or move a bit more carefully at first. But don't stop altogether. You can still do most normal activities without putting too much strain on your back - just use common sense!


What about Work?


Some tasks may be more difficult when your back is sore, but back pain is not usually caused by work. Work is good for physical and mental health. So staying active and getting on with your life means staying at work or returning to work as soon as possible. You don't have to wait till the pain is 100% gone. In fact, getting back to work can help you recover faster. And don't be afraid to ask colleagues for help if you need to.


Get on with Your Life


You know that activity is good for your health - it's just the same for your back. The most important thing is for you to get on with your life. you really can help yourself.


    • Don't sit or stand in one position for too long - change position often
    •  Get up and walk about to prevent stiffening up
    • Take breaks when driving
    • Some things may take a little longer or you may need to change how you do them
    • Pain killers may help you get going
    • Walking and swimming are good forms of regular exercise