Back and neck pain can be brought on by even the simple movements, but with few exceptions SPINAL DISORDERS ARE THE ACCUMULATION OF MONTHS OR EVEN YEARS OF POOR POSTURE, FAULTY BODY MECHANICS, STRESSFUL LIVING AND WORK HABITS, LOSS OF FLEXIBILITY AND GENERAL LACK OF PHYSICAL FITNESS. By middle age almost everyone has felt some form of back pain. It is a potential problem for almost everyone at some point in this lifetime.


During the course of therapy your treatment program will help you prevent spinal problems in the following ways:


      - Teach you how your back works;

      - Explain the major kinds of spinal/back disorders and fully understand what has happened to your back;

      - Describe the appropriate treatment for your problems and explain why physical fitness, proper body mechanics,

         posture and lifestyle are essential in prevention of further problems;

      - Help you understand what you must DO TO AVOID FUTURE INJURY and manage your pain and structural weaknesses;

      - Provide you with a personal strategy and fitness program that will allow you to be in control of your spinal condition.