Orthotics are custom made inserts that fit inside the shoe. They are designed to decrease abnormal motion of the foot. They re-align your feet to a normal neutral

position, restore balance and serve to eliminate or reduce foot pain, by improving biomechanical function and efficiency. Different orthotic styles can be manufactured

for various problems and can be worn in most types of shoe.

Orthotics Can Help

Orthotics improve foot motion by properly realigning the 26 bones of your foot. Orthotics may also help compensate for problems in your hip or knee that cause incorrect foot movement. Orthotics can protect the tender areas of your foot from constant wear and tear.

Common Uses of Orthotics:

Bunion - the big toe joint shifts position causing a bump and pain.

Flat Foot - the arch is unstable or weak resulting in a foot that looks flat or pronated.

Plantar Fasciitis - the plantar fascia tendon running along the bottom of the foot

                                                                          becomes inflamed.

Callus - skin builds up where bone presses against the bottom of the foot.

Joint Problems - too little or too much motion is allowed by the joints in the feet, ankle, knees or hips.

Leg Length Inequality - corresponding limbs on right or left side are different lengths ("short leg").

Arthritis - this disease may cause inflammation or even destroy the joints in the feet.

We Have Many types of orthotics to meet your needs: sport devices, dress devices, accommodative.